Living and learning through the divorce process

Every divorce starts with one spouse filing a petition for divorce. In some cases, a couple discusses a spouse’s divorce filing and the act is expected. In other cases, a spouse may have previously mentioned divorce, but the actual act of filing for divorce catches a husband or wife off guard. In other instances, a spouse’s decision to file for divorce comes as a total surprise to an unsuspecting and devastated wife or husband. In all cases, the action of filing for divorce forever changes the relationship between spouses, as the wheels of the divorce process are set in motion.

Depending on a couple’s situation and whether shared children are involved, a divorce may be finalized in a few short months or can drag on for years. Even couples who are fortunate to have a relatively quick and easy divorce are likely to encounter both challenges and surprises throughout a divorce. So how does one maintain their sanity during what is often such a difficult process?

Regardless of what one hears or reads about divorce, nothing can really prepare an individual for what is sure to be a highly personal and emotional experience. While still living together, spouses may have promised one another all sorts of things about how they would and would not act. These promises, however, are often broken when decisions related to important matters like the division of property and assets and child custody are on the table.

When issues related to one’s children and financial security are being discussed and negotiated, it’s hard not to become emotional. What’s more, individuals going through the divorce process often admit to feeling somewhat powerless when details related to these important issues are being decided.

When attempting to cope with the feelings of fear, confusion and uncertainly that frequently accompany the divorce process; an individual may seriously believe that his or her divorce will never be finalized. For many embroiled in the divorce process, the phrase this too shall pass often becomes a daily mantra.

Yes, the divorce process is difficult and can leave an individual feeling defeated and down at times. However, through the process an individual is likely to emerge stronger and wiser and embrace the belief that life can and will be better.

Source: The Huffington Post, “My Wife Filed for Divorce! Now What?,” Jackie Pilossoph, Aug. 15, 2014

Source: The Huffington Post, “My Wife Filed for Divorce! Now What?,” Jackie Pilossoph, Aug. 15, 2014

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