How can I be a better father after divorce?

If you’ve recently gone through a divorce in Illinois, the process has most likely been tough on your kids. That’s why it’s crucial for you to be the best father possible after a divorce, which will allow you to form a strong, loving bond with your child just when they need it most. offers the following advice on how you can improve your parenting skills and strengthen the bond with your kids.

Set a positive example

Your kids will look up to you whether you know it or not. As a result, the way you comport yourself in everyday life will have an impact on your children’s attitudes about a lot of things. Along with teaching them right from wrong, also show your kids what being a good man looks like. This entails being honest and responsible human being in all aspects of your life, no matter what challenges you face.

Respect your ex

While there may be some animosity between you and your ex, it’s important that you treat the mother of your child with respect. This helps kids feel secure with their place in the family, while also keeping them away from any conflict. When kids hear one of their parents being badmouthed they may internalize the negativity.

Discipline (don’t punish)

If your child acts out or misbehaves, refrain from meting out harsh punishments. Instead, emphasize how all actions have consequences, and highlight how negative actions have equally negative consequences. You can also use positive reinforcement to push for good behavior. Whatever you do, when disciplining your kids also do so in a calm and non-aggressive manner.

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