How your spouse could influence the outcome of spousal support

It often feels as if there is a never-ending number of details that one must attend to both prior to and during a divorce. Issues such as child custody, property division and child support are often at the top of the list, but solely thinking about these matters may cause someone to overlook other concerning issues. Consider the following issues that could indicate an upcoming divorce and even an attempt to manipulate the outcome of spousal support.

Most couples in Illinois will go through one or more rough patches during marriage. These periods of time may involve one partner routinely nagging the other and complaining about his or her actions. Should that spouse suddenly stop all nagging and complaints, it could indicate that he or she intends to file for divorce. This is a common tactic used to create space between two spouses. The person distancing him or herself may be doing so to justify filing for divorce, as it makes it easier to assert that the two were no longer close.

Another indication of an upcoming divorce is a sudden change in spending habits, either by spending lavishly or significantly cutting back. A spouse who suddenly starts spending — particularly during times of conflict — may be trying to establish a specific lifestyle for which his or her ex-spouse will have to provide spousal support. Conversely, a spouse — usually the higher earner — may decide to slash spending on regular expenditures. This can also change a person’s expected standard of living and can result in less spousal support.

Some individuals report that their divorces were unexpected. However, it is possible that they overlooked subtle but common signs, such as attempts to influence spousal support. Should someone notice one or more signs that divorce is in his or her future, it is usually best to be prepared. Collecting important financial documents, reviewing a pre or postnuptial agreement and familiarizing oneself with Illinois family law are all part of this process.

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