Divorce can be complex when high assets are at stake

| Jul 14, 2020 | High-Asset Divorce |

Like all high-net worth spouses in Illinois and beyond, you worked hard to get where you’re at today. Whether you’re a business owner or climbed your way to the top of the ladder in a particular industry as an employee, you want to make sure your financial interests are protected in divorce. Especially if you’re filing for divorce later in life, the unique nature of high-asset property division means you might encounter challenges when trying to ensure that your property is properly valued and fairly divided.

Details are important in high-asset property division. Both you and your spouse must fully disclose your finances, including any existing liabilities. A common problem in divorces where there is high-net worth property is that spouses who want to gain the upper hand in proceedings may attempt a hidden asset scheme, which is not only mean-spirited but illegal as well.

You may have vacation properties, investments, stocks and bonds or retirement assets to consider when trying to protect your financial interests in a high-asset divorce. It is helpful to seek additional support from someone well-versed in finance before heading to court. It is also wise to rely on experienced legal representation, particularly an experienced attorney who is not only a skilled negotiator but can aggressively litigate on your behalf as well, if the need arises.

Butler Giraudo & Meister, P.C. is a firm of experienced Illinois trial attorneys who are committed to helping clients amicably negotiate high-asset divorce. If it is clear that amicable negotiation is not working, our legal team stands ready to go to bat to help you protect your financial interests during litigation. To discuss available options to settle a high-asset divorce, whether outside or inside a courtroom, you may request a consultation at any time.


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