What Stay-At-Home Parents Should Avoid When Seeking Custody

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When a stay-at-home parent is fighting for the custody of their child, it may be difficult based on financials alone. If you are looking to retain custody as a stay-at-home parent, it is important to consider the most common mistakes that are made during this process. To learn what you can avoid to increase your chances of gaining custody, continue reading. For assistance with your custody matters, reach out to our Tazewell County child custody lawyer.

Introducing a New Relationship to Your Child

Spouses who have been separated and are now facing a divorce may begin seeing new people; this is all a part of life and moving on. However, when you are facing a custody battle, it is best to keep them out of the family home in the meantime, until your custody battle has been completed. It is in your best interest to wait to introduce your new partner to your child. This will avoid the court feeling that you are introducing new people into your child’s life too early, especially during such a crucial transition. Waiting to introduce your new partner is the best option for now.

Refusing Visitation

Spouses may fear that their co-parent may not return their child to them after visitation. This may lead them to withhold visitation out of fear that their child will be kept from them. Though this is valid, it is important that parents who are fighting for custody never withhold visitation, especially during a divorce and custody battle. This could severely impact their ability to retain the custody of their child. Instead, they should consult with an experienced child custody lawyer who will assist them in filing an action for custody and child support.

Staying Unemployed

Remaining unemployed when fighting for custody can risk impacting the outcome of your custody battle. It is important that you consider getting a new job outside of the home to increase your chances of gaining custody. This act will show the court that you are prepared to take on the financial responsibilities that come with caring for your child after a divorce.

Neglecting to Reach Out to an Attorney

Anyone who is facing child custody matters can benefit from retaining the services of an experienced Tazewell County family law attorney. Our legal team at Butler, Giraudo & Meister, P.C. will walk you through each step of the process ahead.

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