Child Custody Mistakes to Avoid When Facing an Upcoming Case

It is important to understand the most common child custody mistakes that are made by many parents. These mistakes may impact your child custody orders negatively. To learn more about the top four mistakes to avoid, continue reading and reach out to our experienced Tazewell County child custody lawyer.

What are the most common child custody mistakes to avoid?

  • Ignoring Court Orders: When a court makes standing orders, these orders must be followed. If you are facing an upcoming child custody case, ignoring standing orders made by the court is not only bad for your case, it is also illegal. Ignoring court orders may result in you being punished by the law. If you feel that your situation does not reflect your child’s best interests, you cannot choose to change things on your own terms. You must file for an adjustment instead.
  • Posting on Social Media: It may come as second nature to update your social media platforms to reflect your life, especially when you are going through something as life-changing as a custody battle. However, it is best to stay offline during this time. Specifically, you must avoid ranting about your custody case on the internet, making jokes about your former partner, even if they are simply jokes, making any type of threats, posting photos of you doing anything questionable, and simply posting anything that may lead your co-parent to question your character in court. Your ex-spouses’ attorney will have access to all of your social media posts, even if your accounts are private.
  • Badmouthing the Other Parent: Badmouthing your co-parent to your child can impact your child custody arrangement, but also your relationship with your child and your child’s mental health. Speaking negatively about your co-parent to your child can cause them to feel confusion and shame in their feelings for their parent. It is important that you do not speak negatively about your co-parent to your child or around your child to avoid this. Your co-parent may also be able to use such actions against you in a custody battle.
  • Not hiring a dedicated attorney: If you are facing an upcoming child custody case, it is essential that you retain the services of an experienced attorney who will walk you through each step ahead. They will ensure you do not make any of the above mistakes and more. To learn more about our firm and how we can assist you in achieving the best possible outcome for you and your child, contact Butler, Giraudo & Meister, P.C. today.

If you have any further questions about preparing for your upcoming child custody case, give our Tazewell County family law attorney a call today.

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