What if I Suspect My Former Spouse Is Putting My Child at Risk?

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Having to split quality parent-child time between you and your former spouse can be difficult. What makes it even more difficult is if you suspect that your former spouse is putting your child at risk. If this is your case, you should immediately act on your parental instincts and fight for the safety of your child. Follow along to learn how a proficient Peoria divorce lawyer or Pekin divorce lawyer from Butler, Giraudo & Meister, P.C., can work on your behalf to petition for a post-judgment modification that will bring your child back to your sole custody.

What if I believe my former spouse is putting my child at risk?

Usually, the Illinois court will determine that your former spouse is an unfit parent if they have a history of physical, verbal, and emotional abuse toward you and your child. However, other not-so-obvious signs can point to your child being at risk when under the supervision of your former spouse.

For example, there is negligent behavior. The following are a few common examples of such behavior:

  • Your former spouse neglects to properly supervise your minor child (i.e., consumes alcohol or drugs in their presence).
  • Your former spouse neglects to provide your child with sufficient food and water.
  • Your former spouse neglects to monitor the foods and drinks that your child consumes (i.e., they have allergies or diabetes).
  • Your former spouse neglects to maintain proper hygiene for your child (i.e., they do not regularly bathe them).
  • Your former spouse neglects to take your child for medical treatment when necessary.
  • Your former spouse neglects to store firearms or sharp objects away from your child’s reach.
  • Your former spouse neglects to drive carefully with your child as a passenger.

How can a Peoria County or Pekin County attorney help with modifying my child custody agreement?

Before all else, if your child is made a victim of abuse, violence, or neglect that leaves them at risk while supervised by your former spouse, then you should file a restraining order against your former spouse.

And then, you should go to an Illinois court and file a petition for a post-judgment modification to your child custody agreement. If successful, you will be able to obtain sole custody of your child. But to make it successful, you will have to provide the court with enough evidence that points to your former spouse being a danger or an unfit parent to your child.

Rest assured, a talented Tazewell County post judgment modification lawyer can help make this possible. Do not hesitate in giving us a call.

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