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Less than two decades ago, most child custody cases ended with a mother winning primary or even full custody of their child. This is because it used to be widely believed that women are naturally more adept at caring for children. However, this is unfair to fathers who want an equal part in their children’s lives, which is why the law has changed to lean towards equally split custody between both parents. Still, many fathers today wonder whether they would be able to win primary custody of their children. To find out, continue reading or contact a Tazewell County Fathers’ Rights Lawyer today.


The parental responsibilities statute in Illinois is now gender-neutral. So yes, it is entirely possible for a father to win primary or full custody of a child in certain situations. This was extremely rare only 15 years ago. Now, child custody is determined primarily on the best interests of the child, and most courts agree that children benefit from spending equal time with both parents. In most cases when one parent wins primary custody, the court deems the other parent unfit. This means that a father is much more likely to win primary or full custody if it’s proven that the mother is abusive, an addict, or otherwise incapable of providing the child with sufficient care. However, if both parents are deemed fit parents by the court, it’s likely the parents will share custody of their children.


If you’re fighting for custody of your child, you might want to hire an experienced family law attorney who can help you through the court process. An effective lawyer can also gather the evidence you need to show how you are a better-fit parent than the other parent. While the court will always make the final custody decision based on the child’s best interests, other factors are taken into consideration. For example, if the child spent far more time with their father prior to the parents fighting for custody, then the judge might take this into consideration when deciding on custody arrangements. A judge can also determine that one parent has less interest in caretaking than the other parent. If you’re a father trying to win child custody, it’s a good idea to become as involved in your child’s life as possible to prove your interest in caring for the child.

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