Client Testimonials

  • You never gave up or backed down on anything.

    Dear Susan, On behalf of my family and myself, I wanted to write this letter to thank you for all that you and your staff have done for my daughter and I these past few months.

    Prior to our first meeting I had concerns and doubts regarding going forth and trying to obtain sole custody of my daughter. Just being a father seeking custody, I already felt at a disadvantage despite the circumstances. I was also told by a previous attorney that I would not be able to do such a thing because I “did not have much of a case,” although I felt strongly the opposite was true. It left me feeling helpless. However, after meeting you at our first consultation, walking out of that meeting left me with a sense of hope. You made me feel confident that I had a good case and that everything would work out for the best.

    During the course of the case, you continually impressed me. You never gave up or backed down on anything. You knew what needed to be done, and made sure that it was. I always had the impression that you genuinely cared and were truly sympathetic to my case.

    Again, thanks to you and your staff, I now have sole custody of my daughter and feel that my family is now whole. I could not have done it without you, your hard work, and perseverance. No words can express my gratitude.

  • You gave me hope… I will always be grateful to you.

    Dear Susan, A few years ago, I walked into your office about as low emotionally as a human can get. After meeting with you and talking about my case, I walked out that day knowing I would somehow survive this ordeal. You gave me every indication that this was a case that you would take and that we would work together to get a good result for me. You gave me hope that I could have custody of my three kids, and that I was not going to lose them in my divorce.

    Over the years I have called both you and your staff to vent my frustrations. Time and time again you and they have saved my mental health. Your encouragement and willingness to listen were invaluable to me. I realize this is a job for you and your staff, but I felt as if there was real caring there.

    I thought you were a good lawyer until I saw you in the courtroom. Then I saw a brilliant lawyer. I asked you if you had ever read Uncle Tom’s Cabin because Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote as if she was being guided. This may seem a bit goofy, but I felt during the trial that you were being guided. You have a demeanor about you that suggested total commitment to what you were doing. Again, I know you were doing a job, but it went beyond that. It is said that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Did I ever see that in the courtroom!

    Your questioning of the witnesses was precise. It seemed like you were weaving a theme throughout the two days. Your knowledge of what each witness would contribute to this trial was simply unbelievable. You knew all the court orders, all the times, all the psychological reports, and the positives, and all the negatives. Even the negatives you turned around.

    One witness told me that my answers on the stand were simple and short. You had to work extra hard to keep me from getting too windy in my answers. You asked me some questions that you knew would bring out an emotional response from me because you wanted the judge to see for himself how much I love my kids and how serious I was about my case.

    Your writing notes to me during the trial kept me involved and busy. I felt like I was helping my case, because you would take something I wrote back to you at our table in the courtroom and use it in questioning the witnesses.

    You have a sense of what is always going on in the courtroom. You asked me to sit closer to you at one point. My friend told me you asked him to move directly behind us to show his support. This showed me how focused you were on every aspect of the trial. When the judge would rule against us on objections, you shrugged it off and proceeded.

    The judge had to overturn the psychologist’s recommendation and my own children’s desires in order for me to win custody. I realize how hard that is, to convince the judge that I should be awarded custody even though the psychologist and my children had the opposite position. You made that all possible.

    Your summary was so powerful, so full of truth and emotion, bringing out all the important and emotional points during the four-day trial, that I was stunned. How could you maintain that emotion and confidence during the entire trial? You literally beat my wife’s case into the ground by presenting such a strong case yourself. Even your physical appearance (the way you look and carry yourself) shows utter competence.

    Thank you for your support and counsel during these past few years. Seriously, I am not sure I would have survived without you. I remember being in another attorney’s office when I was first looking for someone to represent me, and being told there wasn’t much of a case here, that the children would be better off with their mother. What a contrast!

    My children are improving by leaps and bounds. I take my role as their father very seriously. With God’s help, and with your unbelievable work, they will have rewarding futures.

    I have already recommended you to one person thinking about getting a divorce. Please feel free to use this letter or my name (or have anyone contact me) who is choosing a lawyer. You have a permanent client and friend in me. I will always be grateful to you.

  • She was extremely supportive and passionate

    Kelly listened very well took the time to understand exactly what I needed. She was extremely supportive and passionate for my case. I couldn’t have asked for someone better. She knew what I wanted before I did. Thank you, Kelly!!!!

  • Represented me and my family with respect and sensitivity

    Integrity and honesty are two very important core values of what I was looking for in an attorney. The future of my children is my highest priority. An attorney with weak morals and a lack of integrity could ultimately affect that outcome of my children’s safety and future. Kelly Giraudo has the highest regard for integrity and will be upfront with you with an educated and honest opinion when dealing with your case. No two cases are alike but all have a starting point that may be much different from the outcome. Expect that you will hear the best-case scenario as well as a point blank worst-case scenario with no hidden agendas. Kelly has always been punctual in returning my calls, has provided me with the answers and directions I needed to move forward, and has been upfront with me about what my perceptions were and what was simply reality. Bad information from friends who thought they were helping, as well as what the internet had to offer proved to be very different from what the law read and what previous case outcomes showed. Kelly and her legal staff provided me with those answers that I needed to hear and represented me and my family with respect and sensitivity in my case. You will not be disappointed with what service she will provide you and your family in your case. She has had a positive outcome in all three of my court cases. Thank you.

  • No time was ever wasted.

    Kelly is amazing! She took time to really understand my case, needs and wants. She took the time to explain all my options and helped me get the best possible outcome for my given situation. Kelly is very strong, direct and gets straight to the point. No time was ever wasted. She is very knowledgeable and truly shows compassion for her clients. As a noncustodial parent, I would highly recommend Kelly Giraudo.

  • I am deeply grateful

    Susan, you are something very special. Know this: I believe with my whole heart that when you took your oath to uphold the law that you not only did it in good faith, but that it was your passion. I guess you could have known that you would be helping people, but what you do is so much more than that. All those days and nights of studying — I am the beneficiary of all that work. I will never be able to thank you for how well-cared-for you make me feel. I am deeply grateful. Thank you.

  • Hiring Kelly was the best move that I made

    Attorney Giraudo was incredibly strong and caring during a difficult domestic violence/ child custody/ divorce case. Kelly pushed for supervised visitation to ensure that my children were protected. As a mother, she understood my feelings of keeping my kids safe. She also was swift to advise me to make challenging decisions and present both sides with knowledge, professionalism and experience. In the end, I was able to stay in the marital residence and keep the equity in my home. The children slowly transitioned to visitation with the other parent and were able to keep a sense of “normal” during a traumatic situation. Most recently, I hired Attorney Giraudo to represent me in a child support case. I know that she has every intention to fight for the child support that is rightfully owed to my children. Due to my positive experience, I have referred her services to another family member. Hiring Kelly was the best move that I made to insure the greatest outcome for myself and my children.

  • I am so glad

    Susan: I am so glad God led a classical scholar to study law! Where would I have been without your clear thinking and steel will?

  • We’d like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts

    Tami is helpful, honest, passionate and caring. She answered all of our questions thoroughly without making us feel stupid or bothersome (even though we were totally a handful:). We’d like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us through such a horrible process. We’ve already recommended your services to a friend because we hope you can help them in the same way you were able to help us. Thanks so much for your services!

  • Excellent service and advice

    Susan, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent service and advice. I would not be totally truthful with you if I did not say that this has been a very difficult and momentous time in my life. Clearly you have many clients that are not as lucky as I am with their financial situations and I can only imagine their strife. However, I think you know me well enough to know that I truly believe luck is what “doers” in life create and the “watchers” talk about.

    I appreciate how you “listened” to me as your client and definitely made me feel like your client even when you thought different of my opinion at certain points. I employ 5 different attorneys in my personal life and 38 in my business life and if there is anything I could not stress enough is to “listen” to your client…which you and your staff have done in exemplary fashion.

    I will recommend your services highly and I am appreciative of our introduction. Please express my appreciation to your staff and a special thanks to Denise Clothier who was tremendous to work with…and I know I can be a little “tough” at times to work with.

  • Blessed and appreciative

    Tami Meister of Butler & Giraudo Law Offices was fantastic! I was very blessed and appreciative to have Tami’s representation. She is very knowledgeable and professional. She was everything and more during my case(s). During every conversation she was very attentive, informative and passionate toward my thoughts and opinions.

  • Responded to all of my questions and kept me informed

    I am very pleased to have had an opportunity to have Kelly as my lawyer. My divorce took over 3 months before being finalized (which was due to my ex) and Kelly was supportive throughout the entire process. Kelly was determined to get my divorced finalized regardless of any obstacles we ran into. She is hard working, knowledgeable, and fair about the divorce laws in Illinois. She is also very easy to talk to, and extremely understanding. She was willing to answer any question I had at anytime. I felt comfortable with emailing her questions (and yes I had a lot) during the entire process. She also responded to all of my questions and kept me informed of all the details. I could not have been more pleased!

  • Thoughtful, professional, persistent, and calm

    Kelly Giraudo was thoughtful, professional, persistent, and calm. She let me know up front what to expect and kept me informed throughout the process. She was very easy to communicate with. I would highly recommend Kelly’s services.

  • Thank God I found Susan Butler.

    I changed attorneys because my previous one was pessimistic about winning child custody. Thank God I found Susan Butler. She was recommended by a paralegal in another Peoria office, and she and her paralegals handled my case all the way through a two day trial. Her brilliance in the courtroom showed me what a true professional can do who believes in her client. Last year I again asked Susan to handle some retirement paperwork that required an attorney. Although Susan did not personally handle this case, the results were the same: excellent.

  • I truly appreciate your understanding

    Susan, I just want to thank all of you for your help and support during the “ordeal” with the case. I truly appreciate your understanding and value the knowledge you each gave. Thank you again.

  • Thorough, compassionate, hardworking and fair

    My husband and I hired Kelly Giraudo a year and a half ago to help us with changing my old divorce decree with my ex husband in order to get more visitation with my son. She was and is a thorough, compassionate, hardworking and fair attorney who ALWAYS kept my sons best interest at heart. She was always very straightforward with me when I went off the deep end at times, yet kept a cool and calm composure. I cannot say enough good things about her and all of the administrative staff at her office. Because of her, I have received above and beyond all of the visitation I had initially requested with my son. She is one in a million and will work her butt off! I cannot imagine working with any other attorney. She is a Godsend!

  • An outstanding job

    Susan and her support staff did an outstanding job representing me in a difficult divorce case. Her expertise, experience, high integrity, and guidance during the 14 month process was invaluable and allowed us to reach a fair agreement with my now ex-spouse. I highly recommend her services if you are facing the difficult decision of ending a marriage, especially if you have children involved. Thank you again Susan for all you efforts and results!

  • I knew I was in good hands.

    Tamara is a very caring, knowledgeable, trustworthy attorney. Always made me feel comfortable and I knew I was in good hands. You can tell she cares about her clients and she values the relationship she has with her clients. Cant say enough good things about my experience!

  • Truly, she is exceptional.

    Kelly Giraudo is an exceptional lawyer. Kelly was able to remember every detail of the case when offering her advice or opinion so that I never felt trivialized. I felt understood, and because of that, I felt well represented on both a personal and professional level. She did not waste a moment of my time; she was always to the point and focused. Knowing the law is what is expected, and Kelly definitely knew the implications of the law at every negotiating point. I never found her to be too busy to answer a call or an email, and whatever I disclosed to her was kept completely confidential and added to her resources for the case as a whole. She kept things moving and I felt that my case had the best possible outcome. I cannot say enough about her professionally and personally. If you want an attorney who will keep everything about you in mind when you engage her services, you will not be disappointed. Truly, she is exceptional.

  • Kelly and her staff responded quickly

    Kelly and her staff were very professional. Kelly was always to the point. If there was any doubt they were on the phone or emailed me with questions. Kelly and her staff responded quickly with answers to any question I had. One thing I really appreciated was the fact that they were all about saving me money with their time. Thanks so much.

  • Supportive, confident, and reassuring

    Tamara is AMAZING at what she does. She truly cares and 100% knows what she is doing and it shows. I was always nervous to face my son’s father in court due to our history and she was always calm, cool, and collected not to mention supportive, confident, and reassuring. She helped me stay calm through it all and I truly appreciate what she did for me so much. Her knowledge and passion and the way she carries herself in court are unmatched. I would 110% recommend Tamara to anyone looking for someone to hire to represent them in family court. You will be so happy you did!

  • Absolutely amazing lawyer

    Tami was an absolutely amazing lawyer. She took time to get to know me, learn about my children, and made me feel like we were very important to her on a personal level. She worked very hard for us, and did an awesome job representing me. I’d not hesitate for a second to recommend her to anyone!!

  • Thank you for your expertise, education, and kindness

    We would like to say thank you for your expertise, education, and kindness when we met with you! Your confidence has helped to comfort us and give us hope that resolution of the issue is possible.

  • She listened to my goals

    Tamara is an excellent attorney and I would highly recommend her. I was very nervous going into my first meeting with her and after that meeting I felt very confident about our case. She listened to my goals and then came up with a plan to get there. She was great at communicating any changes and updates to me. She was able to meet the goals and also to give me a very happy resolution.

  • Thank you so much

    Thank you so much, Susan, for your hard work and expertise. I feel as a father in the state of Illinois that what I am trying to achieve is nearly impossible. Although rather intimidating, I am so glad I chose to have your office full of extremely intelligent women represent me. My heart has ached every day for what I believe my son has had to endure in his short period of two years. I truly believe I am trying to do the right thing in God’s eyes and I believe in you.

  • Mrs. Giraudo fought relentlessly

    Mrs. Giraudo fought relentlessly while seeking justice for me and my son during a very contentious custody battle. As a mother of young children herself, she understands the passion and unwavering love we have for our children. She shares in the belief that our children should have a voice and that their mental, physical, and emotional well-being should be the number one priority during custody proceedings. Mrs. Giraudo has the upmost morals and professionalism and I always recommend her legal team to others finding themselves in divorce or custody situations.

  • I felt so relieved to have her in my corner, and so hopeful about my future.

    In June of 2008, my husband of 29 years announced he was “moving on.” He left me, our children, and our home – never to return again. I was devastated, fearful, and desperately in need of a good attorney. I searched the phone book and the Internet. That is where I found Susan Butler. Nine months later, I feel so blessed to have been led to Susan. She is kind, compassionate, intelligent, capable, and driven – just to name a few. I felt so relieved to have her in my corner, and so hopeful about my future. She is beautiful inside and out, and will forever hold a place in my heart. Susan – thank you so very much for everything you are, and everything you’ve done. God bless you.

  • I would absolutely recommend her

    I recently used Susan for some custody changes. She was timely with responses and filings, had reasonable fees, and her experience was obvious. She advised me of expected reasonable outcomes and was willing to push for items important to me. I would absolutely recommend her and use her again in the future.

  • She put our son’s interest first

    Attorney Giraudo could not have been more professional, thorough and involved than she was in our case. She put our son’s interest first and fought to protect him from the start to the finish.

  • Thank you for your time, dedication, and understanding

    Ms. Butler, God has placed you on my heart and therefore is the motivation behind this letter. In the rush of day-to-day life and activities, I don’t always take advantage of the opportunity God gives me to let others know how they have impacted my life. During our second one-on-one meeting, I was attempting to express the love I have for my girls and the willingness to give up everything I own to keep them safe. When I spoke, I saw the compassion in your eyes and heard the compassion in your voice. It meant so much that you were able to relate and empathize with what I am going through. In the end, all we want is to be understood. Thank you for your time, dedication, and understanding; as a mom, a woman, and my lawyer. Thank you.

  • She took my case almost personally

    I went to Kelly after researching attorneys and their history. She was extremely thoughtful, knowledgeable, friendly, down to earth and very strong fisted. I was seeking custody of my two daughters, especially after they were taken from their mother. Kelly replied to my emails in a more than timely manner. She answered any phone calls and made sure she stayed on top of our opposing attorney as to not let dust collect on the case. She filed all of the appropriate motions and stayed on top of the process. I did obtain custody of my daughters, which I always thought was impossible for a man. She listened to every word we said and every word in our emails and made sure that she answered every question pretty quickly. She didn’t accept any “beating around the bush” from the other attorney or my ex wife. She took my case almost personally which I think helped her in the fight. I would more than highly recommend her, especially for dads trying to get custody.

  • Tamara affirmed our hope and courage to continue to fight.

    My husband and I reached out to Tamara during the continuation of a custody battle with my ex husband. We had been told that we did not have a chance and that a settlement would be the only option. Of course, we felt that settling was not an option and would do anything to maintain our current visitation with the children. Our first meeting with Tamara affirmed our hope and courage to continue to fight. She agreed that the allegations and settlement was not acceptable and developed a plan of attack. Throughout the process, Tamara was prompt to return emails or messages. She also collaborated with her legal partners to ensure the best plan was put to action. I highly recommend Tamara Meister for child custody, child support, and family court. She is very kind, straight forward, and knowledgeable about family law.

  • I look back at the struggle and thank God everyday

    Susan Butler was a true godsend. My ex wife had custody of our children and hopped from guy to guy and all different locations. My child support was spent on her habits. Then one day she said she is going to marry some guy she new twenty some years ago and move over three hundred miles away. She claimed there was nothing I could do about it. She took my kids and left to be with their new dad. I didn’t know what to do so I took my case to Susan Butler. Susan listened and took notes in an amazing fashion because she told me everything I told her word for word after I talked. That was impressive because I was freaked out at the time and talking real fast. Then Susan told me what to do and what she was going to do. I didn’t have to do much other then come up with character witnesses. Susan first got my kids to me through the court, interviewed witnesses and family, and fought my case in court. We had a tough fight because my ex’s lawyer was playing the fact that my ex was a woman and my kids were two girls that need their mom. Susan fought the good fight and proved instability. We won but even if we had lost I would have still been impressed by Susan’s efforts. Susan gave a very impressionable sense of care towards me and my girls who were scared through the battle because they had time with me where they saw structure. It was an amazing win because I am now a single father who has his kids living with him. That is almost unheard of. I have had my girls living with me for five years now and it is a dream come true. We celebrate the day they came to live here with a vacation every year. It was Florida last year for our vacation. Every other day is like a dream. I look back at the struggle and thank God everyday that I saw Susan Butler’s phone number and gave her a shot at helping me. I don’t know how it all worked out but my only understanding is that there actually are good lawyers with ethics out there.

  • Thank you for helping make our son’s quality of life better.

    I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your time, energy, and efforts you put into our case. Thank you for helping make our son’s quality of life better. I cannot tell you how happy we are! You and your staff will always hold a dear place in our hearts. Thanks so much!

  • Her professionalism was very evident in the courtroom.

    Kelly was very thorough in her dealing with our custody case. She is a very compassionate and trustworthy individual. She wasHer professionalism was very evident in the courtroom. able to keep us thinking with logic when we were acting on emotion. Kelly was also clearly looking out for containing costs for us. Her professionalism was very evident in the courtroom. If the occasion arises we would definitely go back to Kelly.

  • Many thanks

    I just read the brief—very impressive! Many thanks for your outstanding work.

  • She is an ally and advocate for you & your case.

    We have worked with Kelly numerous times over the last several years to modify existing child support/custody orders. Kelly is professional, knowledgeable & quick to respond to any inquiries or questions. She is very effective in courtroom proceedings and has consistently been able to obtain favorable outcomes for us. Kelly is always prepared and looking out for our best interests while also being fair and ethical. At every critical turning point, Kelly has been able to provide advice & options to move us in the right direction. Kelly is not only an excellent attorney, but she is an ally and advocate for you & your case.

  • A firm that does everything in their power to “Win”

    Attorney Giraudo was a companionate and a strong attorney for my battle to get full custody of my two young boys. Mrs. Giraudo had all her bases covered and spent many of hours on the phone with me addressing my concerns throughout the duration of my litigation. Thank you very much for all you did for my family! If you are looking for a firm that does everything in their power to “Win” your case then these ladies are worth checking out. They are hardworking, companionate and trustworthy.

  • Her knowledge…helped dramatically.

    I was very impressed with Tami’s preparation for my case and delivery in the courtroom. She listened very well to what I told her about the person we were going up against and exploited that person’s characteristics during her cross examination. Her knowledge of the law and her knowledge of how to present to the judge in the case helped dramatically.

  • I can’t thank their firm enough for what they did for our family.

    I would like to start out by saying that Tami is by far one of the most passionate person I’ve ever met when it comes to what she does. She loves what she does and it shows through her hard work. I would recommend her a million times over. Not only her but her entire firm. They worked very hard for our families case. She answered any and all questions that we had. If we didn’t understand she would put it in terms that we did understand. I can’t thank their firm enough for what they did for our family. I give the 100 out of 10!!!! Amazing isn’t even a word good enough to describe this woman.

  • She felt like a friend as well as my attorney.

    I would highly recommend Tamara Meister to any of my friends or family members in need of a divorce attorney. From my very first encounter with her, Tami was professional, knowledgeable and friendly. She was always prepared for our meetings, highly communicative and made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire process. Tami always responded to me in a timely manner when I called or emailed her, and thoroughly answered all my questions–even when I had to ask a second time to clarify something so that I understood exactly what was going on. She was very good about putting things into “layman’s terms” so that I was fully informed of every step of divorce process. Tami is personable and approachable which are important qualities when you are faced with the unpleasantness of divorce. She felt like a friend as well as my attorney. I was very satisfied with her services as well as the treatment I received from everyone in the law office. I would not think twice about recommended Tamara Meister!

  • She is a true advocate for her clients.

    I found Ms. Butler to be empathetic while remaining very professional. She handled my legal issue with expediency and at minimum financial expense. The issue was the last one to be taken care of from my divorce 18 years ago. I had worked with a different attorney for my divorce and wish now that I had gone to Ms. Butler back then. I believe that she would have made a very painful experience easier with her gracious manner and the legal proceedings would not have been as protracted. She is a true advocate for her clients. I highly recommend her.

  • Thank you for all you have done for me

    Attorney Butler, I want to thank you for all you have done for me. You will never know how low I felt that first day I came into your office, but you helped me to know that I could do it, and with the help of God I have. Thank you again. Also, I want to thank Denise and Laurie.

  • She was our voice….and a STRONG voice she had!

    If I could only put into words how pleased I am with the services that Tami Meister has provided for our family….the process and circumstances of adoption were very stressful for our family. Tami provided us always with a sense of relief and assurance. While in court, she never missed a beat and knew ALL THE facts in our case! She was our voice….and a STRONG voice she had! She’s confident, brilliant and very knowledgeable! I would definitely recommend the services of any of the lawyers at Butler and Giraudo! We have had contact in some way with all 3 lawyers in their firm, and all 3, just being in their presence, gave us a sense of having the upper hand! We are now an “official” family!! Our experience with this lawyer, Tami Meister, and this law firm are beyond exceptional!

  • I am forever grateful

    Susan, I cannot even express in words the level of gratitude that I feel. “Thank you” doesn’t seem to be enough. Please know that your services and compassion will never be forgotten! I am forever grateful! P.S. Please let Denise know that I appreciate her too! She’s wonderful!

  • She provided me the answers

    I would recommend Susan Butler to represent you in any family law issue. Susan is professional, compassionate and is dedicated to her profession. Susan did not sugar coat anything during my case. She provided me the answers to my case that a knowledgeable and experience attorney would know. Every male in the State of Illinois understands the laws of this State are one sided, yet Susan was able to negotiate a fair settlement for my family, allowing me to be a father to my children. I have yet to meet another Family Law Attorney that has the respect of judges and fellow attorneys. Again, I would highly recommend Susan Butler and her highly qualified staff to assist you in any of your family law issues.

  • I can’t thank you enough

    Never did I think I would find myself at a divorce attorney’s office, but with life’s ups and downs I did, and I am so thankful for Kelly! When I first met Kelly I felt like I had known her for years as she made me so comfortable. I had no idea what the steps were to get a divorce, but she helped me understand, and took so many worries off my shoulders. I can always depend on her and know that she has my best interests at heart. Kelly doesn’t beat around the bush; she tells you the truth and then tells you how she is going to handle the situation. I never have any trouble getting a hold of Kelly and no question is too small for her to take the time to answer and reassure you that she is still on top of things. I know even after the divorce Kelly will be there, and I would recommend her to anyone who is going through a divorce. Kelly, I can’t thank you enough for what you have done and how much you have helped me and my daughter. You are the sweetest person with a great work ethic and the strongest woman I have ever met. Again thank you, and my family thanks you for taking the time to handle my divorce and make us at ease, you are amazing.

  • She helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life.

    Susan looked at every aspect of my case and helped me achieve my desired outcome plus some! She looked out for my best interests and respected my decisions. Susan looked at my situation as a person and not just another divorce case to process on paper. She gathered information about my 20 year marriage, my children, and my needs to take on the future as a single parent. She helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life. Her staff is wonderful as well! I could call the office and whoever answered knew my name. I have no complaints whatsoever and will definitely be requesting her expertise and assistance when future needs arise!

  • You brought some peace to my little world today.

    Before today I thought that no one ever totally won a family law case and that practicing in that area would never be rewarding. You may not have solved world peace but you brought some peace to my little world today. You also salvaged what was a rapidly deteriorating co-parenting relationship. Today two precious tiny humans got a little bit more time with their dad and parents who are no longer at war with one another because you made a brilliant call. You put the parties in a position in which they could resolve a very difficult and contentious matter. We trust your judgment. Thank you for practicing in an area of law that demands interpersonal skills and tact and for repeatedly demonstrating these rare skills.

  • I would absolutely recommend any of the ladies at this firm!

    I was highly impressed with the entire firm. They were extremely professional and stuck to everything that they promised to do. Tami was honest about trying to expedite my case and did everything she could to make that happen. I appreciate everything that this firm did for me and my family. I don’t think we would have had the same outcome had we went with someone else. I would absolutely recommend any of the ladies at this firm! Tami is ruthless and she will do whatever it takes to make sure you are represented above and beyond your expectations! Thank you so much!!!

  • It’s a comfort to know I have good counsel

    Thanks again for your professionalism and kindness as always when dealing with life’s unpleasantries. Hopefully I won’t need your assistance on anything related to this in the future, but if I do, it’s a comfort to know I have good counsel for back up. Take care.

  • She is a very strong lawyer with the facts about the law to back it up!

Susan Butler and her staff are very caring, compassionate and trustworthy! Susan’s knowledge about divorce law was very comforting to me in such a stressful time in my life – the end of a 30 year marriage! She and her staff were always quick to respond to any questions and concerns of mine. Susan was very professional, yet very friendly, open and easy to talk to about many of the concerns I had during my divorce proceedings. She negotiated a very fair settlement. She is a very strong lawyer with the facts about the law to back it up! I appreciated that she was willing to give me the facts about the law and did not leave me with any doubts or false hopes in my case. I would not hesitate to hire her again, and I would highly recommend Susan to anyone who needs a divorce or family law attorney! She is an amazing woman and does an excellent job!

  • I am so thankful to have you as an attorney!

Kayla, Thank you! I greatly appreciate your time, advice and efforts.

  • Susan is an outstanding attorney.

Susan is an outstanding attorney. She is highly responsive, detail-oriented, highly empathetic, and overall a tremendous advocate for her clients. I felt very comfortable raising questions and concerns and always felt like Susan had my best interests in mind. During a difficult process, I felt very confident in Susan’s abilities to represent me and all things considered, the outcomes of the case were very positive. I feel 100% sure that I chose the correct attorney for my case and would not hesitate to fully recommend Susan to anyone in need of legal services along the lines of her subject-matter expertise.