A Staunch Legal Ally During Your Divorce

As divorce and family law attorneys, we are convinced that couples who work together to create an amicable settlement agreement are happier and better adjusted at the end of the marriage dissolution process. That said, some couples are not able to reach a settlement; they require the intervention of the family court during the divorce process. If you are in such a situation, you need an aggressive advocate who is experienced in developing cases for trial.

At Butler Giraudo & Meister, P.C., our divorce lawyers serve clients in Peoria, Tazewell and Woodford Counties and throughout Central Illinois. We are trial lawyers trained as attorney advocates. We enjoy trying cases and have had a great deal of success doing so. If the issue is important to you and we are not able to reach a negotiated settlement, we will advocate for you aggressively in court.

Understanding Your Goals In Divorce

No two people have the same issues or concerns in divorce. As lawyers, it is important for us to understand you and your concerns. It is also important that we understand the special facts and circumstances of your situation, in order for us to become effective advocates for you. The issues you may be concerned about include:

People who are going through a divorce often feel emotionally exhausted and are often anxious to have the process move quickly. It is our job to be objective and to work with you in order to understand where you are coming from. If there are emotional difficulties that are preventing you from making the best decisions during the dissolution of marriage, it is our job to make sure we work from an objective point of view. We always keep your priorities intact. Our goal is to help you make decisions from a position of strength. We will be your courtroom advocates at all stages of the process.

Legal separation: Illinois offers legal separation as an alternative to divorce for couples who want to live apart. For some people, religious reasons or the need to maintain group medical insurance makes a legal separation more desirable than a divorce.

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