Accusations Of Violence And Abuse Are Taken Seriously By Illinois Courts

Issues of domestic violence can devastate families. We have always been responsive to those who are victims of violence. That having been said, the Illinois Domestic Violence Act can unfortunately be misused by a spouse wanting to gain an advantage in an upcoming divorce or child custody case.

We are a family law firm serving clients in Peoria, Tazewell and Woodford Counties and throughout Central Illinois. We have experience dealing with issues of child and spousal abuse. Abuse may be verbal or physical, but it is always emotionally devastating. We look very seriously at all situations in which domestic violence is alleged to determine whether those allegations ring true or whether they are trumped up by a person with an improper motive.

Seeking Orders Of Protection

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you can obtain immediate relief by seeking an order of protection. A judge can grant you a temporary order of protection based solely on your testimony.

If granted, the alleged abuser will be removed from your home. Upon request, the abuser may be barred from having any contact with you or your children pending a full hearing. Anyone violating the terms of a protection order can be jailed and may face serious criminal charges. An order of protection is a powerful legal document. We feel very strongly that it is inappropriate for someone to petition the court for relief when motivated by a purpose other than obtaining justified protection.

Domestic Violence Consultation

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