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Many Illinois residents are turning to surrogacy to help grow their families. The surrogacy process involves many complex legal issues that require the help of family law attorneys who are experienced in surrogacy matters.

At Butler Giraudo & Meister, P.C., we understand the emotional and legal issues that can arise in surrogacy situations. We provide knowledgeable counsel to any party involved in the surrogacy process.

Infertility And Surrogacy

Surrogacy is an excellent option for couples who are infertile or otherwise incapable of having a child on their own. Infertility is defined as the result of a disease (an interruption, cessation or disorder of body functions, systems or organs) that prevents conception or makes it impossible to carry a pregnancy through to the delivery of a child. One in eight couples in the U.S. is affected by infertility, but surrogacy allows these couples to realize their dream of having a child.

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Surrogacy Laws In Illinois

Surrogacy in Illinois is governed by the Illinois Gestational Surrogacy Act (GSA), passed in 2005. Under this law, both the gestational carrier and the intended parents are required to sign certified statements and agree to the parentage of the child following birth. This results in the intended parents obtaining parental rights immediately upon the birth of the child, including having their names listed on the child’s birth certificate.

We will carefully prepare all necessary documents to address your needs and help you finalize your surrogacy agreement. This includes drafting surrogacy agreements and egg or sperm donor agreements, as well as ensuring your surrogacy contract is compliant with the requirements of the GSA.

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