Tazewell County Alimony Lawyer

Tazewell County Alimony Lawyer

As you know, spousal maintenance, formerly called alimony, is often one of the most important issues in any divorce. If you are someone who is currently either seeking spousal maintenance, would like to modify your spousal maintenance agreement, or you believe you are being asked to pay too much in alimony. You should strongly consider speaking with a knowledgeable Tazewell County alimony lawyer as soon as you can. Contact Butler, Giraudo & Meister, P.C. to learn more about how spousal maintenance works in Illinois and how our legal team can assist you.

Do I Need a Tazewell County Alimony Lawyer?

Spousal maintenance, formerly called alimony, can be one of the more difficult issues to resolve by negotiation. While most people accept that they will lose roughly half their assets in divorce and that they will pay child support according to the statutory guidelines, few willingly volunteer to write monthly checks to their ex-spouse. As a result, many spousal maintenance issues end up being decided by a judge, even when all the other issues have been resolved by agreement.

In 2016, Illinois maintenance law was completely rewritten. It is essential to have a qualified Tazewell County family law attorney who can assist you in obtaining or defending a maintenance case. Maintenance is taxable to the person receiving it and is tax-deductible to the person paying it.

Factors Illinois Courts Consider When Determining Spousal Maintenance

Courts in Illinois consider a wide array of factors when determining whether one spouse will owe the other spousal maintenance after a divorce, some of which are as follows:

  • Both spouses’ yearly salaries
  • Both spouses’ age and health
  • The duration of the marriage
  • Both spouses’ earning capabilities
  • Both spouses’ overall financial situation
  • The standard of living established during the marriage
  • Any other factor the court deems relevant

As you can see, oftentimes, calculating spousal maintenance can be quite complicated, and a lot of different factors go into a judge’s ultimate decision, which is why it is so important to first speak with an experienced Tazewell County alimony lawyer before proceeding with your divorce.

Contact a Tazewell County Alimony Lawyer

We are a family law firm serving clients in Tazewell County and throughout Central Illinois. We have handled numerous contested spousal maintenance cases in Illinois. We also have experience negotiating alternatives to spousal maintenance, such as providing an unequal division of marital property to one spouse in lieu of maintenance. Contact Butler, Giraudo & Meister, P.C. today to schedule your initial consultation with our competent legal team.

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