How to survive and thrive during the divorce process

Living in an unhappy marriage can take an enormous toll on an individual emotionally, mentally and physically. Finally making the decision to file for divorce and end a marriage, can be extremely liberating, but also scary. Any change can be difficult and divorce is full of changes, some of which may be difficult. When going through the divorce process, it’s important to know that there will be difficult times ahead. It’s also, however, important to remain confident and know that the decision to divorce is the right one.

Most Peoria area residents have likely heard the phrase no pain no gain. This saying definitely applies to the divorce process as individuals in the midst of a divorce often feel overwhelmed by numerous and sometimes conflicting thoughts, feelings and emotions. To make the divorce process easier, individuals would be wise to take the following advice to heart.

When stressed, many individuals engage in unhealthy behaviors and coping mechanisms. Drinking or eating too much, however will only serve to make an individual ultimately feel even worse. To ensure one’s head is clear to make important decisions during the divorce process, it’s important to take care of one’s emotional, mental and physical health. Exercising, eating well and making time for non-divorce-related social outings will all go a long way in helping an individual get through the divorce process.

The stress divorcing parents experience is often magnified as a parent is likely to be concerned about how a child is processing and coping with the divorce. Depending on a child’s age, he or she may know very little or too much about the divorce process and its potential consequences to their life. It’s important, therefore that parents reassure a child they are loved and that everything will be ok. It’s also important to continue to provide opportunities to have fun with a child and enjoy activities together.

Divorce can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to define or consume an individual. Taking steps to regain control over one’s life is a critical first step in the healing process and in paving the way for a better and happier future.

Source: The Huffington Post, “5 Tips to Keeping Your Sanity in the Divorce Process,” Debbie Burgin, Fune 20, 2014

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