Do you and your spouse share the same financial goals?

There are many famous stories throughout history about individuals from different social classes falling in love. In nearly all of these types of stories, the so-called star-crossed lovers are often kept apart and forbid to marry or associate with those outside their social class.

Thankfully, a lot has changed with regard to views and lines about social classes. Today, in the U.S. people freely meet, fall in love with and marry individuals from very different backgrounds and socioeconomic circumstances. But, does this love last? Can individuals who grew up with very different life experiences, stresses and struggles relate to one another and overcome these differences?

Research indicates that married couples fight more about money than about any other subject. In many cases, arguments are spurred by spouses’ varying opinions about money and its importance, purpose and value. In general, couples who aren’t on the same page with respect to money may be more likely to divorce.

It would seem to make sense that individuals with similar backgrounds would be more likely to have similar ideas about money and how it should, or should not, be spent. However, a Duke University sociology professor recently discussed the surprising findings of her research.

Rather than drive a couple apart, the professor found that differences in socioeconomic backgrounds actually serves to attract and bring some couples closer together. More than one’s financial past, one’s future financial goals appear to be the most important factor when it comes to couples and financial harmony.

Based on this research, it appears as though couples who are married or who plan to marry would be wise to have frank discussions about finances and ensure they’re on the same page with regard to financial goals.

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