The many and complex factors that lead to divorce

For couples who choose to marry, some may wonder if their marriage will be one of the 50 percent that lasts. While, when it comes to predicting divorce, there’s no crystal ball; there are definitely factors that increase the likelihood that a marriage will not endure until death do us part.

One law firm recently examined numerous studies and research to discover some of the less traditional factors that may lead a couple to divorce. Perhaps not surprisingly, the use and potential abuse of social media were among those reasons cited as contributing to divorce.

In cases where a spouse favors engaging with friends in a virtual world over engaging with a husband or wife in real life, a couple is likely to experience marital problems. In several recent studies, divorce attorneys frequently cite social media websites like Facebook as contributing to the divorces of clients. In addition to spending too much time using social media, some spouses are also carrying on virtual flings and affairs.

A difference in age is also cited as being a factor that increases the likelihood that a couple will divorce. While the saying age is just a number rings true for some, studies show that more often than naught, spouses with an age gap as small as five years often experience difficulty making a marriage last.

In addition to differences in age, individuals who did not go to college are also more likely to divorce. In many cases, a college degree opens doors to employment opportunities that are closed to those without a degree. Jobs that require a college degree often pay better which equates to more financial security.

The findings of a 2013 indicate, however, that regardless of whether or not an individual has a college degree, those with work commutes of 45 minutes or longer may be more likely to divorce. A long commute not only means that spouses don’t spend as much time together, but a commuting spouse may also grow frustrated and unhappy with his or her commute.

There are often numerous factors that contribute to a couple’s divorce. It takes a lot of time, effort, love and understanding on the parts of both spouses to make a marriage work. The marriages of most couples go through both high and low times. In cases where the lows far outweigh the highs, it’s wise to consider one’s options including divorce.

Source:, “10 Weird Things That Predict Divorce, According To Science, Because There’s Another Reason Your 45 Minute Commute Is Ruining Your Life,” Amanda Chatel, April 2015

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