Reproductive rights of the father

When it comes to reproductive rights, the father’s rights are largely ignored. Reproductive rights are seen almost only as a female’s right, especially in the matters of abortion, adoption and procreation. Male rights are patently ignored in these regards, and no laws exist to date in protecting a father’s right to reproduction.

Should a woman, even if in a married relationship decides to opt for adoption, the spouse/father has little legal power to prevent it however much may he object to the idea. This situation is a largely bias and unfair one. If a man wants to keep his unborn child he has little right over the mother’s decision to abort the pregnancy. She may choose to do so with little regards to the wishes of the father. Even if the father of the unborn child claims to take full responsibility of the child, and the woman only has to carry the pregnancy to term, his wishes hold no legal value in court. The right to abortion has entirely been established as the woman’s right alone.

Similarly, should a woman choose to carry a baby to term, even if the father of the child has from the very start showed no desire in fatherhood or having said child, he will be required to pay child support to the mother disregarding the fact that this child was a completely unwanted outcome for him. Again, the decision lies wholly in the hands of the woman. She may choose to have the child against the wishes of the father and no law exists to allow men to terminate their legal obligations to unwanted children.

If you are in a situation where the mother of your unborn child is making decisions that you don’t agree with but will be forced to comply, you may consult with a family law attorney. Although most rights lie with the woman, an attorney will be able to guide you of your however little paternal rights in this regard and help you go forth with a legal case in the best possible manner that benefits your case.

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