Fathers can benefit from virtual visitation

| Apr 10, 2020 | Fathers' Rights |

Life as a parent is rarely easy, and things like divorce, new jobs and moving can make things infinitely more complicated. Fathers who accept new positions or jobs that take them several hours away, or even across state lines, may wrestle with how to balance their parenting responsibilities over bigger distances. Thanks to new and rapidly evolving technology, some dads are finding faster and easier ways to connect with their kids between physical meetings.

Virtual visitation allows a child to remain in contact with one of his or her parents by using technology. Video chatting might be the first thing that pops into mind, but it involves things like email, texting and almost any other type of contact using technology. This type of visitation is fairly new, but Illinois is one of several states with laws that allow courts to order virtual visitation.

In most cases, virtual visitation takes place with the non-custodial parent. That parent might request virtual visitation because he or she is moving, or because the child’s custodial parent is relocating to another area or state. There does not have to be a significant amount of distance between two parents to make virtual visitation work, either. Some Illinois parents request virtual arrangements even at the onset of child custody matters during divorce.

It is important to note that virtual visitation should not replace physical parenting time and should instead only be a supplement. This means that virtual visitation should not be used as a justification to take in-person visits away from fathers. Since a father’s relationship with his child might be on the line, someone who is confused about where to start with virtual visitation may want to consider seeking guidance from an experienced counsel.


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