How Can I Get Through a Divorce from a Narcissist?

Odds are that if you are getting a divorce from a narcissist, the process will be a rather high-conflict one. But there are ways in which you can maneuver through this high conflict with ease. Read on to discover the tips for handling your spouse’s narcissistic tendencies and how a seasoned Peoria divorce lawyer of Butler, Giraudo & Meister, P.C., can come to your defense.

What are the personality traits of a narcissist?

You may be unsure as to whether your spouse’s behavior constitutes narcissism. But undoubtedly, below is a list of personality traits that are commonly associated with narcissism:

  • A person who is emotionally manipulative.
  • A person who thrives in environments of conflict.
  • A person who thinks very highly of themselves.
  • A person who views others as inferior.
  • A person who constantly seeks admiration from others.
  • A person who lacks empathy for others.

In what ways can I get through a Peoria County divorce from a narcissist?

Unfortunately, your divorce experience may be more stressful than you anticipated if you are dealing with a narcissist. Rest assured, there are ways to power through the process. Just a few of these methods read as follows:

  • Be accepting: you should not feel obligated to correct your spouse’s narcissistic tendencies, especially at this point in your relationship. The only thing you can do is be responsible for your own actions and mindset. So, accept your current situation and do everything in your power to have a positive divorce outcome.
  • Be educated: though not commonly thought of, books on how to deal with narcissists are useful tools, as they can help you better interact with your spouse during your divorce proceedings. What’s more, is that a therapist who is well-trained in high-conflict divorces can offer useful advice.
  • Be in control of your emotions: you and your spouse may be separating, but their narcissistic tendencies will make them want to stay emotionally engaged. Meaning, they will play with your emotions by creating conflict, whether that be by sending hostile messages, bad-mouthing you to your family and friends, or making false claims against you in court. You must not let your emotions get the best of you, because you will just be giving them the reaction that they were looking for.

How can a Pekin County lawyer help me get through a divorce from a narcissist?

As mentioned above, narcissists thrive in environments of conflict. Meaning, they will likely dominate in a litigation setting. For this reason, you must retain the services of a competent Pekin divorce lawyer. Our team is knowledgeable on how to navigate high-conflict divorces, so we will prevent your spouse from overpowering the courtroom. Overall, we can also serve as your mediator so that you can minimize the direct interactions you have with your spouse. Give us a call today.

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