Why Should I Avoid Posting on Social Media During My Divorce?

Nowadays, it is common practice to turn to social media to update your friends and family on what is going on in your life. But if you currently have a divorce on your hands, we advise that you refrain from doing so. To learn more, follow along and see how a proficient Peoria divorce lawyer or Pekin divorce lawyer of Butler, Giraudo & Meister, P.C., can guide you in the right direction.

Why should I refrain from posting on social media during my Peoria County divorce?

Put simply, the information you post online can hurt your settlement agreements. Even if it is not your intention, what you post on your social media can shed a negative light on your character. Your spouse and their attorney can use anything you post against you.  And even if these arguments are false, you do not want to give the Illinois court any reason to disfavor you when they make their decisions. Below are a few examples of posts that may hurt your case:

  • You post your vacation or a large purchase on social media: your spouse and their attorney can claim that you are financially independent. With this, it can be argued that you do not need to be granted child support and/or alimony.
  • You post your partying or drinking with friends: your spouse and their attorney can claim that you have poor judgment and/or are parentally unfit. With this, it can be argued that you do not need to be granted custody of your child.
  • You post your new romantic partner: your spouse and their attorney can claim adultery as fault grounds for your divorce. With this, it can be argued that you were at fault for the dissolution of your marriage.

What social media advice should I follow during my Pekin County divorce?

Until your divorce is officially finalized, you should avoid posting on social media at all costs. But at the very least, you should abide by the following tips:

  • Make your account private, and do not accept any new followers.
  • Ask your friends and family to not post you or anything about you.
  • Do not post a rant about your ongoing divorce case.
  • Do not post criticism, distasteful jokes, or any type of threat toward your spouse.
  • Do not post pictures of you doing anything that can make your character questionable (i.e., your vacation, partying, drinking, romantic partner, etc).
  • Do not assume that your deleted posts and private messages will be protected.

The bottom line is that you must keep your private life as private during your divorce so that the proceedings are no more complicated than they have to be. Contact a talented Tazewell County family law attorney today for additional guidance.

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