What Should I Know About Child Custody During the Holidays?

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Figuring out custody arrangements can be tricky any time of year, but figuring out joint custody during the holiday season can be difficult. If you’re a divorced parent, you may be wondering how other divorcees split custody during the holidays and how arrangements are decided. Our attorneys are on your side! Keep reading or reach out to a Tazewell County Child Custody Lawyer today to learn about how child custody works around the holidays.


Parents can decide between a variety of shared custody agreements for specific holidays. Here are some of the options that divorcees consider when determining custody arrangements:

  • Alternating every other year – Divorced parents can decide to take turns spending time with their children during the holidays every year. Usually, this means having one parent celebrate with the child on even years and the other parent celebrating on odd years.
  • Splitting the holiday – You can also have one parent spend time with the child during one half of the day and the other can take the other half of the day.
  • Establishing fixed holidays – If one parent values a holiday more than the other parent, whether that be for religious reasons or not, both parents can mutually agree that one of them will celebrate the holiday with the child every year.
  • Scheduling a holiday twice – If one parent wants to celebrate with the child on the day of the holiday, then the other parent can choose to celebrate on another day.

Any of these options can be combined or altered in the best interest of the child. When creating a custody schedule, parents should put the child’s well-being and needs first.


Simply put, the court will have to decide for you. Many parents are able to create a custody schedule detailing holiday arrangements. However, if you and your ex-spouse are unable to come to an agreement, then you’ll likely have to take the disagreement to the courtroom. Both parents can make statements explaining why they believe their arrangement is best suited to the child’s needs and well-being, and the judge makes a final decision on custody agreements. In Illinois, the court always decides in favor of the child’s best interest. Need legal help with child custody arrangements? Butler, Giruado & Meister, P.C. is on your side! Contact one of our highly experienced attorneys for quality legal advice today!

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