Does Child Support Cover Medical Expenses?

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Your child support is meant to cover many of the costs that come with raising a child, and that does include medical expenses. However, healthcare costs are not always predictable, and sometimes different arrangements need to be made in order to make sure that both parents are treated fairly and that the child gets their needs met. A Tazewell County child support lawyer from our firm can help you when matters get more complicated.

What Kind of Medical Expenses Should Child Support Help Cover?

The child support you pay is meant to cover ordinary medical expenses. This can include health insurance premiums, co-pays, and other expenses that your child is going to incur every year when they go to the doctor for their checkups and other needs.

For many children, these costs remain low, especially with a health insurance plan. It’s when these expenses grow suddenly that you may be required to make other arrangements.

What Happens When Medical Expenses Exceed an Expected Amount?

Parents are supposed to share the costs of raising their children, so when medical expenses for one or more of their children exceed the norm, they should try to figure out how to fairly divide the bills up. If one parent has significantly more income or resources than the other, then it may not be an exact 50/50 split. You and your spouse should do your best to make an arrangement of your own or you can allow a judge to make the rules for you.

Can Child Support Orders Be Modified Based On a Child’s Medical Expenses?

Unfortunately, some children require more medical care than others. If your child has some sort of condition that is going to require more money spent on hospital bills, doctor visits, therapy, or prescription medication, then the child support agreement may need to be renegotiated with these costs in mind.

This is preferable to the custodial parent being stuck with the bill and then struggling to meet the other needs of their children. It can also prevent a need to argue each month or go to court over the extra expenses.

If I Provide Health Insurance, Does That Affect a Support Order?

Which parent provides health insurance can also be a factor here. Some healthcare plans are just better than others, with more favorable terms and potentially lower costs. Whether the custodial or non-custodial parent uses their plan to cover the children should be factored in when calculating child support and how each parent’s share of medical expenses should be determined.

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