Charlie Sheen seeks to modify child support payments to ex-wives

When parents make the decision to divorce, emotions run high as factors related to child custody are decided. In most cases, the spouse who retains primary custody of a child is granted child support. Several states, including Illinois, calculate child support amounts based on a payee’s income and the number of children he or she has.

In cases where an individual’s financial situation changes, he or she may petition the court to reduce monthly child support payments. It’s also possible that a judge may grant a reduction in child support for other reasons. Charlie Sheen is no stranger to controversy or legal disputes. Most recently, he’s requesting modifications of child support payments he makes to his two ex-wives.

Sheen has a total of four children, two, ages 10 and eight, are from his first marriage with actress Denise Richards. The actor has been paying Richards, who has primary custody, $55,000 per month in child support. He also purchased a home for Richards to ensure his children were nearby. Recently, however, Sheen claims that Richards has not been allowing the 48-year-old actor to see his two daughters. In response, Sheen is seeking to legally reduce child support and a private mediation session has been scheduled of which the possible reduction is the subject.

Sheen also has two 5-year-old sons with his second ex-wife, Brooke Mueller. Mueller’s struggles with drug addiction have been well documented, with reports that the 36-year-old’s most recent rehab stint has so far been successful. Sheen was previously paying Mueller $20,000 per month in child custody, an amount which he recently offered to increase to $55,000 in light of the fact that he’s been allowed to spend more time with his sons.

Changes to child custody and support agreements typically stem from the actions or inactions of one parent and general discord between parents. In this case, Sheen’s requests for both reducing and increasing his monthly child support payments to his ex-wives appears to be driven by how much or little he is allowed to see his children.

An attorney who handles matters related to divorce and child custody and support can provide advice and assistance to Illinois parents who are seeking modifications to both child support and child custody agreements.

Source: The Daily Mail, “Another day, another fight! Charlie Sheen to ‘haul Denise Richards into mediation’ in his continued bid to reduce $55K a month child support,” March 22, 2014

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