Are divorces harder on women or men?

When a marriage ends, both parties suffer in their own way. Sorting through assets, possessions and an entire life together can take a toll on your mental, physical and emotional well-being over time. As you start your life on your own, it is easy to feel bleak about the future.

There is at times a misconception that men are heartless and walk away from marriage with emotions intact, but research shows that men may struggle more with divorce than women do. A study shows that not only do wives encourage their husband to engage in healthy behavior when they are married, but also that women are more likely to have a support system outside of marriage. A husband turns to his wife when he is feeling depressed, so once she is gone, he may feel alone or isolated while the wife still has a strong circle of support. What other negative effects do men feel after a divorce?

Men deal with depression and anger

Depression is common for those going through a divorce, and you may lose motivation and interest in things you used to love. If you are in a pit you feel you cannot get out of, the feelings may eventually lead to self-destructive behavior if they are not channeled appropriately.

Ange is also a common emotion for those dealing with divorce, but the longer it lasts, the more detrimental it can be. If feelings of anger persist toward those you feel have hurt you, it may start to affect your personal and professional life negatively.

Loss of self-esteem is common in divorced men

Divorce can shatter the entire foundation of your life and make you question everything you thought was true. When someone promised to stay by you through thick and then reneges on that promise, it can create feelings of doubt and worthlessness.

When men are divorced, they may also lose their status and place in society. Friends are split, kids spend time between two households and it may become more awkward to go out with a group of people. This can leave divorced men feeling isolated and more alone than ever.

Men often turn to drugs and alcohol

It is common for men to turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with the harsh realities of divorce, but constant reliance on other substances to deal with emotional pain can quickly lead to addiction. As you numb the pain with alcohol or drugs, you avoid finding a real solution to the problem.

If you are planning to file for divorce or recently learned that a spouse filed for divorce, it’s important to retain a divorce attorney who will protect and promote your best interests.

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