How dads can overcome parenting time challenges

Divorces bring about challenges to parenthood that many fathers in Peoria do not anticipate. Even though their families are no longer living under one roof, fathers can still play a major and positive role in their children’s lives. Co-parenting is not always easy, but there are things that fathers can do to strengthen the bond between them and their kids.

Get the kids involved

Although there are custody agreements in place and fathers see their kids as mandated by their parenting time agreements, dads who make time to see their kids more tend to have better relationships with them. Every divorce and parenting situation is different. Fathers should talk to their kids about their circumstances to find out if they want to spend more time with them. Allowing the kids to play an active role in the parenting time schedule can help to make the transition easier for everyone.

Maintain realistic expectations

Many fathers tend to forget that they still have control over how they can parent their kids. They should think about the type of father figures they want their children to have and take steps to fulfill those roles. They should try to keep realistic expectations about their situations, states Greater Good. If they need help they should seek out professional guidance and support. Children need and deserve to have their fathers play active and present roles in their lives.

Provide stability and consistency

Children fair best in stable environments. Divorces can bring about a great deal of uncertainty that can cause children to feel stressed and uncomfortable with their new circumstances. According to, fathers can cater to their children’s well-being by providing stable home environments and maintaining consistency during transitions between households.

Dads often face more parenting time issues than mothers, especially if they do not have primary custody of their kids. With the right attitudes, persistence and cooperation from their children’s other parents, they can overcome many of those challenges to improve their children’s quality of life.

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