Bird’s Nest Custody in Illinois | What You Should Know

If you have considered adopting a bird’s nest custody arrangement, please read on, then contact an experienced Tazewell County child custody lawyer to learn what you should know about bird’s nest custody in Illinois.

What is bird’s nest custody in Illinois?

First off, you may be wondering what bird’s nest custody is. Basically, each parent takes turns staying in that residence, i.e. the bird’s nest, with the minor child. Bird’s nest custody differs from more traditional schemes where the child is shuttled back and forth between the two residences maintained by his or her parents. In short, it is a way of living that enables the minor child to remain in the family home and spend time with each parent there. Each legal guardian stays at the home during their agreed custody time, then elsewhere when they are “off duty.”

Are there any benefits to bird’s nest custody in Illinois?

As it so happens, yes, there are benefits to a bird’s nest custody arrangement. Some of the benefits of bird’s nest custody are as follows:

  • The minor child gets to stay in one home, often the home they grew up in
  • The minor child can keep his or her school, friends, pets and possessions
  • Reduced disruption to the child’s life
  • Easier transition to a new normal
  • Less hassle for the parents
  • Places the burden on the parents and not on the child

If this approach appeals to you, you should reach out to a  skilled Tazewell County family law attorney to discuss your next steps.

How do you arrange bird’s nest custody?

First, you and your former spouse will have to determine whether or not this option is realistic. For example, you should decide whether both parents will live nearby. Next, you will have to hammer out a custody arrangement in Illinois’ Family Court. This is where a qualified legal representative working on your behalf will come in handy. Together with your former spouse and your attorneys, you should determine if your finances can support this type of custody arrangement, because you will have to find living quarters for when you are not living with the child. Lastly, you should set a schedule, describe the changeover, divide the bills, agree on housekeeping and be prepared to make concerted decisions. This will require extensive communication, which is where our firm can help. We will help you hash out an equitable arrangement for all involved.

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