Preserving Your Bank Account and the Future Relationship with Divorce Mediation

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Filing for divorce can take a financial and emotional toll on both spouses in a relationship. No one looks forward to discovery disputes and court hearings while their relationship is simultaneously crumbling. Nevertheless, divorcees do not have to endure such pain. Instead of continuing on with traditional court battles, divorcing parties can choose mediation as a way to reach productive resolutions instead of litigation. Contact one of our experienced Morton Divorce Lawyers to guide you through the mediation process.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution where a neutral third party helps the couple find solutions to their issues. The mediator does not tell either party who is right and who is wrong. Peoria and Tazewell County Divorce Lawyers can help the parties understand what the law allows and what the couple can do to reach an accord.

What is Litigation?

Litigation is the most common method of obtaining a divorce. This can also be referred to as a contested divorce in which the spouses cannot agree on how to resolve particular issues. A judge decides on every condition of settlement. This process begins when one party files a complaint with the court, after which the court system sets a schedule for proceedings. Couples can settle at any time, but in reality, once couples have started a litigated divorce most people follow through with the process.

Litigation also includes a discovery schedule. This is part of the pre-trial phase in which each side obtains information from the other side. The goal is to make sure that both sides have matching information allowing you to better negotiate a fair agreement as part of your final settlement

Two Big Factors

There are two important reasons why mediation may work for you.

Cheaper than traditional litigation – Parties do not have to go to a discovery schedule or are required to prepare for trial, which can be very expensive. Some divorces can be resolved with one mediation session.

Relationships are preserved – Going through a divorce trial can put a strain on any relationship. Mediation can help to avoid the permanent scars that can come with litigation.

Of course, the benefits of mediation cannot be realized unless both parties are willing to set aside personal differences and invest time into the process. If you have further questions about mediation, a Tazewell County family law attorney can help.

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