How Can I Help My Children Deal With the Impact of a Divorce?

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It is natural for children to feel the impact of a divorce just like parents do. This can be a huge shakeup of their lives, and they probably have a variety of feelings that they are working through and new worries preoccupying them. It is imperative that you stand by them and offer them the support that they need, even while you may be feeling like you need some support yourself. Let a Morton divorce lawyer from our firm handle the paperwork while you focus on your family.

What Are My Children Probably Feeling After a Divorce?

Children can go through a whirlwind of emotions when their parents divorce. This applies to children of all ages. Your teenager is just as likely to need your support as your child who is in elementary school. Children can blame themselves when they divorce, or they could begin to act out. Their academic performance could suffer.

They are dealing with a lot, and they need your help to make sense of everything. Even if you have a lot on your plate, prioritizing the mental health of your children needs to be a necessity during this time.

How Can I Talk to My Children After a Divorce?

You are going to need to explain a lot of things to your children after a divorce and during the process. It is best to:

Communicate clearly: Do not obfuscate or try to dress things up. Tell them what is happening. Mom and Dad will not be living together. It is not their fault. Life is going to change in some ways.

Outline life changes: Then let them know exactly how life might change. Do they have to move? What times are blocked off for visitation with your former spouse? What else do they need to know about? Your children are already dealing with a lot. Throwing surprises at them will not be helpful.

Let them know everything will be fine: It can seem like things are difficult right now, but it is important to let your children know that everything will turn out fine. Both of their parents love them and will do their best to spend time with them.

What Else Can I Do To Help Them?

You can also do a few other things to make sure that your children stay calmer in the face of these big changes. You can:

  • Do your best to answer any questions that they have
  • Avoid being negative about your former spouse
  • Be supportive of your children spending time with their other parent
  • Stay involved in your children’s lives
  • Stick to routines
  • Consider family or individual therapy

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