Is Mediation an Effective Way to Handle a Custody Dispute?

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One of the biggest sticking points in many divorce agreements is often child custody agreements. Who gets the kids and when is obviously going to be a topic that is incredibly important to both parents, so it is important to find a way to sit down and come to an agreement on this. In some cases, certain methods of negotiation are better than others. Mediation is one method that could work, so let’s take a look at why your Tazewell County child custody lawyer might suggest it.

What Are Some Advantages of Mediation?

In mediation, you and your spouse are not working against each other. Instead, you are working together to find solutions that can work for the entire family. You work with a mediator who is trained to guide couples through this process without taking sides.

Mediation is often used to settle family law-related disputes for a few reasons. Some good reasons to choose mediation include:

  • The presence of a truly neutral third party
  • A less adversarial environment than a court
  • The potential to come to a solution quickly
  • The chance to practice how you will communicate with your former spouse going forward
  • A lower cost than settling matters through litigation
  • The chance for other extended family members, like grandparents, to make their voices heard in negotiations

At the end of your mediation sessions, a custody agreement can be signed if everyone can agree. Then that agreement can be filed with the court. This is a necessary move in case either parent neglects to follow the agreed-upon custody arrangement in the future.

Can My Spouse and I Use Mediation if We Are Not On Good Terms?

Some of our clients worry that mediation simply will not work because they have a hard time speaking to their spouse. If you are not on good terms, mediation can certainly seem like it would be impossible to manage. This is where the professional comes in though.

The mediator is trained for this. They know how to get couples to come together to think about what will be good for their children. If you are willing to follow their lead, mediation can still work even if your current relationship with your spouse has soured.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

While you do not need a lawyer at the mediation sessions, it is important to have one on your side. An experienced family lawyer can look over any agreement you have reached in mediation and make sure that there are no problematic clauses. They can also advise you before mediation sessions and give you advice on how you can make yourself heard and advocate for yourself and your child.

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