How Can I Strengthen My Communication With My Co-Parent?

In order to have a strong and healthy relationship with your co-parent for the sake of your child, the first step you should take is to strengthen your communication. Coming together with your co-parent to achieve a support system and family dynamic for your child is one of the top priorities for many divorced spouses. To support the welfare and health of their child, parents will do anything they can to maintain the best interests of their child. To learn the fop five tips for co-parent communication, continue reading and reach out to our experienced Tazwell County family law attorney.

How to Strengthen Co-Parent Communication

  • Your communication with your co-parent should be in writing as much as possible such as text messaging or email. Putting this communication in writing will allow you to eliminate the chance of false allegations. This practice will also allow you to log your communication for reference.
  • If the discussion you are having with your co-parent becomes heated, walk away. It is crucial that you take the time you need to collect your thoughts before you respond. This will allow you to calm down and respond in a manner that does not hurt the relationship you have built with your co-parent. This practice also eliminates the chance of acting out of impulse. Do not forget that everything you send to your co-parent can be read by a judge one day. Choose your words wisely.
  • When you are speaking with your co-parent, it is best to eliminate as much unnecessary detail and emotional language as possible.
  • Do not leave room for a delayed response from your co-parent to maintain communication with them to support your child. Ask direct questions and set a reasonable timeline for a response between three to seven days.
  • It is equally important to expect respect from your cor-parent and receive equal respect in return. This is the basis for good communication with your former spouse.

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